Monday, December 28, 2015


 I'm now a vlogger. . or I will be once I post this. Please excuse the awkwardness. I'm hoping that awkwardness  will eventually be taken over by coolness.. we'll see.
While I wait for my video to upload, I will explain why I'm vlogging now. I actually explained it in my first video, but I am not uploading that one (haha)  it's mega awkward. :/

oh my!  I just looked at my pending video, and it says "0% uploaded About 2 hours remaining" HA.
As patient as I am (not) I will not be sitting here waiting for that full two hours.
Annnnd my lack of patience brings me to the explanation:

Today in church we talked about new years resolutions and what some good/ common ones are, and then  about why they are sometimes hard to reach and what we can do to overcome those things that get in our way.
So someone mentioned journal writing! Amen sista!
K, I know about 99% of the world is horrible at keeping up to date with their journal. I think my last entry was like two years ago.. and the one before that, another 2 years. I like to pick up where I left off- and it gets discouraging cause 2 years- there is a lot to cover, and it just doesn't happen, cause #handcramp! 
So, this is what I said for the argument of why it's hard to be good at keeping a journal. I didn't have a cell phone until I graduated high school, so I feel like I'm allowed to say this.. I used to hand write everything at school. Now it's all about computers. Rarely do people write letters, or papers for school with pen and paper. (* note-  the computer is totally backing me up on this one..  a red squiggly appeared underneath "handwrite" my computer is like "uh handwrite? what are you trying to say? What is this handwrite? .. you write with your hand? do you mean type? like you use your fingers that are attached to your hands to type?  cause handwrite isn't a word."
 While I acknowledge it may no be a word, it's silly. "handwritten" is one word.. no red squiggly. So I'm deciding that "handwrite" is correct, and should be recognized as correct to my laptop. It's just jealous that I might use some other means of producing words)
So- back on track here- since I rarely handwrite (yep, one word) anymore, my hand gets sooo tired so quickly. I just can't handle it. SO this is my solution.  Vlog/Blog.

There ya have it. I hope I can be more less awkward next time.  Have a splendid day! :D

and here is the video that actually took 2 hrs to upload :l

I will learn this vlogging thing eventually.. and sorry  the beginning of the video is quiet.. and kinda painful.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Juice fast x 2

I know I told you I'd let you know how the juice fast was going... I'm not a liar. so I'm telling you now, however late it is (3 months give or take)  
 It - was - awesome!!!

It was a 28 day juice fast, and I lasted for 12 days... then I cheated, and gave up... It was pretty sad.. but lets not dwell on that right now.

So I lasted 12 days, and I felt SO good!! I had so much energy, I was happier, I just felt great!
I loved every morning when it was time to weigh myself!! The number just kept going down! So I lost just over 10 pounds (I think it was 10.8 pounds) I got to wear my fave jeans that I haven't worn since I got home from my mission. I bought a few new shirts that I loved. It is amazing what 10 pounds can do!
I didn't crave junk. Sometimes I wanted to eat salad (just something solid) but I didn't care about food at all. 

Since then- I've gained it all back. :( THANKFULLY it seems I can't go over the weight I was at. So I'm back to where I started, and I'm starting the fast again! I'm currently starving haha.. but I haven't had any juice for a few hours.

I was just talking to one of my coworkers today at work about how silly people ( I ) are (am)! Why is it so hard to do something that you KNOW is good, and makes you happy? I have that problem a lot!

so this is short, but I wanted to update- I'm going to try to keep up this time. I'll post pictures- probably not until the end though. :)

In case you are wondering about other aspects of "Laura's life" - nothing!
--just kidding.

So, I'm bad luck for companies apparently- Serendipitous closed, then Dorlene closed.. AND I used to work at Blockbuster (which closed here in New Glasgow). ouch eh? I got a new job at Payless though. I like it a lot so far. Everyone I work with is pretty great. 

Life is good!

I'm thankful everyday for the life I have. I'm thankful to have a great family, and to have hope! I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!!! We, as members are not perfect, but the Church, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

HEY- I Feel GOOD! da na na na na na na

Yesterday I went to Halifax with Tyria. We both had to get passport things done. I just needed to get mine renewed. I got my passport pic taken the day before, and  I was determined to not have another atrocious pic.. Here is the before pic, and the after.

Success!  Its not a terrible passport pic!! (although I'm sure by the time I receive my passport, they'll have added their special touch to make it horrible haha.. we'll see. It should be here by June 7th.

It was a fun day, even though our shopping was rushed. I had to work at 5, so we needed to get back in time for that.

I also want to report on my new health quest

So I posted on Monday that I was going 30 days without junk- and that almost immediately I was discouraged, and thinking I couldn't do it, from the smell of Jen's food at work haha. Well, I resisted, and after work, Mom and I went to Sobeys and I picked up some things, looked at calories etc.. and put it back down.. but then I thought I'm not going to be ridiculous.. to cut out everything enjoyable right away would be silly. So I'm doing what I SAID.. I'm cutting out JUNK! No candy, chips, chocolate, or fast food.
I've been ROCKING it!! haha.I bought nutri-grain bars as snacks, and salad (which I very much enjoyed eating two days in a row for lunch or supper) I also bought bagels for breakfast (I got the ones with the least amount of calories.. I still want healthy stuff. It just doesn't have to be crazy stuff.)

I feel SO good!! A couple times only out of habit (rather than craving) I reached for some candy or something that was sitting on the counter in the kitchen. As I realized though, what I was doing, I stopped myself.  I know it's only been a week, but I have never felt so determined to keep going and to succeed!!  I don't even WANT junk.

So..... I said that I didn't want to be ridiculous- so a week is long enough to hold off on the crazy right? Well, if it is, or if it isn't- on Monday I am starting a 28 day juice fast!!!!  I'm so excited!!!! I would start right away, except I didn't have time to buy all the fruits and veggies needed. I was away all day yesterday in Hali, and then today I'm working 9:30-5 at Serendipitous, and then 6-9 (9:30 by the time I get outta there) at Dorlene. So  tonight I may go to Sobeys and stock up.
Dad has already started. I guess he had a pretty miserable supper.

"Day 1 was fruit juice, some kind of vegetable juice from hell and some watermelon (I cheated) plus biking 10ks..."then when asked to define "vegetable juice from hell" he said: "
kale + celery + carrots + lemon+ a bad attitude+ normal human taste buds"
Even with his day one experience I'm excited!! I will most definitely keep you all posted on my next month! :)

side note- a customer just came and gave me earrings. They are actually really cute- too bad I don't have my ears pierced.

you can't really see them.. cell pic, plus poor lighting.. haha

Monday, May 14, 2012

Peace out, junk!

Guess where I am..?  Work- it seems this is the only place I can get any blogging in. Too bad this is the job that is closing soon.

I miss my hair! fyu.

Also- I'm not eating junk for 30 days. haha when I made that goal I felt pretty good about it.. I made it about an hour ago.. I changed my status on facebook, and I'm putting it on here so that I feel more accountable.. anyway.. I felt like it was going to be pretty easy.. and then Jen (works across the hall) came back from her break with a root beer float and food from A&W and it smelled so good!! SERIOUSLY!? and then I thought "ughhhh this is going to be SO HARD!!" haha
I AM going to do it though. I need to get more willpower. I have next to none right now.

oh, double also- I love love love the temple!! Tyria and I made a goal in October after her first time there, to go often. We've been really good, and we go quite often. There have been a few weeks in a row that kept us from going.. but still,  I love it, and I love my temple buddy!! :) I've grown to love it more and more and going has helped me to become more of the person I want to be. and I thank Tyria for that too! For her example, and for being such an amazing friend and making our temple outings fun :D

Halifax Temple (taken on Sat May12th 2012)

Sis Grant, Me (with my missed hair), Tyria, Elder Clement, Elder Farnsworth, Sister and Elder Nelson
(taken December 2012)

This weekend was Mother's Day weekend. Ashley, Chad, Sophie, and Finn came to visit. It was good to have them here. I just love little Sophie and little Finn. They are TOO cute!! Amy and Nathaniel took pics of their cutness yesterday evening. When they post them, I'll put some up here. In the meantime, since i don't want to deprive you of their cuteness for that long, I'll post some of my phone pics. haha


Soph and Finn playing together :P

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kids just wanna have fun!

It's me again.
So, I did what I could to my blog for today. I think it's cute...Today is incredibly busy today for Job 1. We are usually super dead.. but today has been steady and I made a lot of money so far and it's only 3:30..
So I was blogging, and fixing up the blog.. and I look up, and there is a kid on the mechanical car thing in the middle of the hall with the straightest face I've ever seen on a kid! haha He looked like he couldn't possibly be less impressed by the experience he was having. So I laughed out loud  and looked away.  I looked back a few seconds later, at the sound of a laughing child, and saw the same boy was standing up, on the outside of the car (it's somewhat enclosed) while it was moving. haha. I thought about taking a picture, but thought his mother may not appreciate that very much.
Well, I'm glad he ended up getting the most for his dollar.


Here I go!!

Alrighty- So I am working 9:30-5:30, then 6-9 (but closing at job 2 takes forever so basically 9:30). That's 11 hours (no breaks) I really don't mind though - I don't get any official breaks at Job 1, but It's pretty relaxed, and I can go get food or whatever if/when I need to. Job 2- not so much, but it's only a 3 hour shift.

SO in the 8 hours I have here, I should probably be able to make a decent blog..?  Uh oh, now the pressure is on eh..

Sorry to have kept you in suspense for so long about the "secret" I found out last week.
Job 1 is closing! The 12th will probably be our last day.

Ok, I'm going to complain for a little bit, and then I'll put the positive spin on at the end :)
1- Job 1 is closing.. and Job 2 is giving me less hours- so i'm going to find another Job 1 *sigh*

    *I typed 2 and 3.. and then re-reading  this, they seemed too silly, and not really fitting.*3
4- BIG ONE:   I DO NOT WORK ON SUNDAY'S!!! What do people not understand about Exodus 20:8-11.
8 Remember the a
sabbath day, to keep it bholy.
9 aSix days shalt thou blabour, and do all thy work:
10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy astranger that is within thy gates:
11 For in asix days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord bblessed the sabbath day, and challowed it.
= I don't work on Sunday's, and I don't SHOP (make others work) on Sunday's!
sure some people don't believe in the bible- but an awful lot of people know and believe in the 10 commandments, apparently they pick and choose the ones they want to follow.
NOT ME It's obviously an important commandment if it takes up 4 verses while the others take up 2ish.

not only is it breaking a commandment to work/shop on Sunday's but I have a calling ( I have responsibilities at church.) I can't just miss it! I have told every boss I have ever had that I don't work Sunday's, and in the past, I have quit any job that scheduled me on Sunday. NOW Job2 scheduled me a couple sunday's ago- while I was not ok with it, I said I would because we had all new staff, and not really anyone else to do it. now.. we have 2 more people that could do it. I'm not willing to break a commandment. So I'm scheduled to work next Sunday- on Mother's Day! 
( yes, there are exceptions : Services that we NEED like hospitals/doctors, etc..)

Trials make me stronger. I also find that when I am having a difficult time, I recognize blessings in everything, and seem more thankful for them. Like, on my way to work, I am thankful and think "Thanks Heavenly Father, I needed that!" when there isn't much traffic. and When there is a red light when I'm running late, I think about how it's teaching me to be more patient. (and to manage my time better so I'm not in such a rush all the time)

I love life.
I can do anything with the help of Heavenly Father, and  as long as I keep His commandments, and try my best.
 3 hours and 3 sales later- i'll get to making the blog cool :P

Thursday, April 26, 2012

like I said...

So-- remember yesterday how I said that i'll plan for something, then something else happens, and I end up not having time to do something else ( or something like that..) well today was that again! I said I'd have time after work today- but let me tell you what happened:

1:20pm- find out Dad needs the car to play games at his friends house , I call Amy- she's working, gets of at 5:30 and she says she can drive me home after work at 6 
6:00pm- finishing up some stuff at work getting ready to clock out. Amy texts and says she's at walmart and to meet her there. as I make my way down the mall, I pass by my other job, and get some news that is I guess currently a secret (not the good kind) which I shall reveal probably tomorrow or Saturday. Finally I make it to walmart by 6:15 ish
6:30pm(ish)-Amy and I eat supper at Swiss Chalet (and I had nothing with chicken in it haha)
7:30pm- get home and get ready to go to the movies with Jade (who had texted me about this as I was making my way down the mall hall)
8:50pm- we go to the movies (The Lucky One- pretty good. WAY better than I was expecting. Zac Efron is kinnnnndof amazing :P 
11:15pm- I get home from the movies, and am now blogging. 

So I didn't have time to make my blog good.. sorry AGAIN I don't work until 5 tomorrow- so here's hoping.

Mom and I take turns in the morning (mom more than me- I have a hard time sometimes differentiating between dreams and reality haha I'll dream that Mom knocks on my door to tell me that she's going , or something.. and so I just don't get up in the morning. It's weird haha) we go to the nursing home where nannie is; to feed her breakfast. She can't really do it on her own anymore, and there are so many residents that need help being fed, so Mom and I just go to help out. She doesn't talk much. Sometimes I can get a few smiles from her, and a wave from the window. You always hear some interesting, or hilarious comments from the other residents. 
I'm going tomorrow morning. I feel blessed to be able to spend time with her, even though she isn't herself anymore. I have to keep reminding her when she won't eat that she LOVES food!! she used to have eggs and porridge every morning (to my knowledge) and she still has them for breakfast, and I tell her she used to  eat them all the time. I try to tell her about my day the day before. She almost never responds, other than a little smile here and there.

Well, I'm going to go sleep so I can be not dead when I have to wake up to go feed her. :)

Hopefully tomorrow will be better and more interesting for blogging :)

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